Blessed by fluid because the structure is filled with it!

                                                                                                    D.V. Parkhachev

    Пархачёв Д.В.

    "The law of our world - the structure controls the function (read more as structure-man, woman-function). This world exists because there is a structure. Structure is space. Function - is the time. This reasoning is an a priori principle of philosophy. For occurrence in this world, it needs shell structure. In this case, the structure is the anatomy and physiology is the function. Notion of life defines the interaction of the body's anatomy and physiology of the organism, or biophysics and biochemistry environment and internal environment. In our bodies’ foothold is determined by the shells and the whole world is built on mutual movement of shell and fluid. In biological body shell are the fascia (meningeal, visceral, bone), the latest determines the form and content. If we look at the world on a global scale, we can see that we are surrounded by membranes or fields, cosmic gravity, air pressure, biological structures (flora and fauna). They mean life and the idea of the specific integrity of the person. This statement is very important. "On this and the other in a series of books on Vitalogii Dmitry and Jeanne Parhachevyh.

    "The man - must be willing to listen to a woman, and the woman - needs to hear to want a man."DV Parkhachev.

    Hello, dear reader!
    Purpose of this material. Reading this expression, we agree with it, but how this knowledge  is useful to us ? With the power of thought the creation of physical objects, people not yet in force. However, we will create the world every second, because the perception of the surrounding space depends on us and our thoughts. And if we are able to create and maintain the image of the world, then why not work-out, and concentrate on things like our body and health.The sciences of psychosomatic medicine, osteopathy has long been proven and established the influence of thoughts on the human body. Moreover, exposure area is defined on the body of each emotion. Only providing 4 basic emotions-fear, anger, sadness, joy. So, for example, the emotion of anger, affect the condition of the liver and gall bladder, it is no wonder for a long time say "bilious man." The emotion of sadness (depression) - Zone of the intestine. Fear - kidneys.Joyful emotions, strange as well have an impact on the body, this emotion has a direct impact on the chest.Based on the postulate that thoughts are material, it can be concluded that all diseases man creates himself. And it also fair to cure them - only himself. We are just the mediators and guides on the road to health and balance.  Today, there comes a time when you have to learn to heal yourself. "Why today?" - You ask. The main reason, paradoxically, in the dynamic development of medicine, pharmacy, a variety of therapeutic techniques and programs. The variety is nice, but there is only one you - the one and only. We want to say that the body of each of us is different and every treatment is beneficial, harmful, or does not produce changes in the person, if it is not selected in strict accordance with the root cause of the disease.It is a mistake to think that the body - it is only the body. Our thoughts and feelings - our emotions, which are printed on the body, that is, they can be confidently attributed to the concept of "body."Must take into account the human environment, the way he eats, interacts with anyone, what he does. Our life manner has a direct impact on our body. Any pharmacy will be powerless before the disease if the patient continues to experience the same negative emotions, is under the yoke of the daily stresses, is powered by the same junk food.The result of the treatment is possible without drugs, when a person begins to hear his body and give him a cure. Nature - the key word in health, she always recovers herself and the man as part of nature, subject only to its laws. Of course, it is difficult to immediately understand how these processes occur in life. But you can learn.A Vitalogi course will help learning. Specialists of our School of Experimental Medicine (SEM) will show and tell you all about your body will teach you to identify the causes of diseases, effectively apply the technology improvement, and most importantly, stay healthy and help your loved ones stay healthy.Of particular relevance in SEM is given to those who come to learn to heal not only themselves, but also their loved ones, especially children. This possibility  is available: in the course you will be detailed teached of human anatomy and physiology, osteopathic techniques of diagnosis and correction of dysfunction, the development of palpation sensitivity of the hands. The doctor does not treat with medical supplies but with healthy personality. Health comes only from a healthy person, so the initial focus of the training course is on self-healing and obtaining their own health.Let your life is fill with health, energy, and leads you to success and prosperity!

    DV Parkhachev.